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By Pharma Franchise, we means providing Pharma Products to the different segments of Pharma Sector on an Agreement. Basically, we use to provide Pharma Products to Doctors, Chemists and Medical Representative (MR) at lower than the Marketing Retail Price (MRP) for further selling.

As an Ethical Pharma Company all of our Products are Quality & medically tested. We use to sell the Pharma Products which will not harm the Society and use to believe to provide Best Quality Products to our Clients. The manufacturing process of all our products follow the strict guidelines provided by the WHO (World Health Oranization).

As a leading Pharma Company, we use to deal in Pharma Products like, Tablets, Capsules, Softgel Caspules, Syrups, Injectables, Protein Powder, Dry Syrups and Herbal Ointments. Also, the company use to believe in Innovation and introduce New Pharma Products from time to time.

Pasco Pharmaceutical is an Ethical and Leading Pharma Company situated in Chandigarh. All of our Products are Quality Tested. Thus, we have ISO, GMP & WHO Certifications.

In today's world, Pharma Sector is growing ra[pidly and offers High Returns on Small Investment. Thus, Investment in the Pharma Sector with Pasco Pharmaceutical can be beneficial for you.

As a Leading Pharma Company, We are dedicated to provide Best Quality Products at Best Deals. We believe in providing Best Customer Services to our Clients and thus we provide Monopoly Rights to our Clients.

We use to provide Promotional Tools for promoting our Products and Company. These Promotional Tools include MR Bags, Diaries, Pens, Notepads etc.

Investing in the Pharma Sector proved beneficial for many. You can start your pharma business with the Investment of Rs. 35,000 only. The Minimum Investment is based on the Types of Product and quantity of the products purchased by you.

In Pharma Sector GMP & WHO plays a very important role in assuring the quality of the Products. The full form of WHO is World Health Organization which is a specialized agency of United Nations responsible for International Public Health. The full form of GMP is Good Manufacturing Practice. It is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards.

By Monopoly Rights we mean Selling Products by a Single Seller and Selling a Unique Product in the Market. With Monopoly Rights you will not have to compete with other Sellers for our Products in a Particular Market Area.

We use to provide our Products to our Clients through rapid and Fast Delivery Services. So that you did not have to wait for a long period of time for your Order. we are dedicated to proivde Best Client Support.

Working with us can provide you many perks to grow your Business. As a Pharma Company we have Certifications like GMP & WHO Certificates. We also provide monopoly rights to our Clients as well as we have 11+ Years of experience in Pharma Sector which will help you in growing your Business.

By Ethical Pharma Company we mean a legally eligible company for selling Pharma Products. Ethical Pharma Companies have all types of permission to do business in open market.

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